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Globoid reducers (worm) type Thurs, RGSL, PC 6.3 drives
  • Globoid reducers (worm) type Thurs, RGSL, PC 6.3 drives
  • Globoid reducers (worm) type Thurs, RGSL, PC 6.3 drives
  • Globoid reducers (worm) type Thurs, RGSL, PC 6.3 drives
  • Globoid reducers (worm) type Thurs, RGSL, PC 6.3 drives

Globoid reducers (worm) type Thurs, RGSL, PC 6.3 drives

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Description of a design

The reducer worm enjoys bigger popularity in comparison with other kinds of reducers. The worm type of transfer provides increase in torque at the expense of the screw (worm) with the carving close on a profile to a trapezoidal form. The worm wheel represents a kosozuby cogwheel with a certain profile of teeths. At the movement of a worm rounds of a carving move along his axis, pushing in the same party teeths of a worm wheel. The axis of the screw connects to a wheel axis at an angle of 90 degrees, thus, distance between them and will be the defining reducer size.

Advantages of worm drives:

1. compactness – output and entrance shaft of a worm reducer connect that allows to pack more conveniently the drive in the car as he takes a little place in comparison with a cylindrical reducer;

2. high level of transfer numbers – reaches to 1:110. Thanks to it at the worm gear much bigger opportunities for decrease in frequency of rotation and increase in torque, than at reducers with other types of transfers. It is possible to receive such transfer numbers with application of simple transfers only in a three-stage reducer. In a worm reducer apply only one step to receiving such transfer number. It provides simplicity in operation and rather low cost, however the efficiency lowers;

3. noiselessness – gearings give small noise level;

4. smoothness of the course – the reducer of worm type is capable to rotate in both parties and to brake smoothly;

5. self-retardation (lack of reversibility) – in the absence of the movement of a worm slows down the conducted shaft so that it cannot be turned. This factor works at transfer numbers from 35 and more. However the crucial role at self-retardation is played by an angle of lead of a worm, but not transfer number. The corner 3.5 ° or less completely provides self-retardation.

Shortcomings of worm reducers:

1. the efficiency low level – increase in the transfer relation leads to energy loss. Such shortcoming is caused by a high sliding friction of rounds of screws about teeths of a worm wheel. In similar value the worm gear is similar to "the sliding screw nut" and does not differ in high efficiency;

2. reheating – kinetic energy which the worm gear did not transfer turns into thermal;

3. self-retardation – it is not advantage when the output shaft has to be rotated, without using at the same time the drive of a worm reducer;

4. restriction on the transferred power – as a matter of experience experts is not recommended to apply worm type of transfer at the power over 60 kW. And the most recommended transferred power for such reducers to 15 kW;

5. the side play of an output shaft – is available in each of types of reducers, however in worm devices of its value it is usually much more and increase in the course of wear;

6. rather short term of operation – a high sliding friction in gearing promotes bystry wear (of 10 000 o'clock).

If you decided to buy a one-stage or two-level reducer worm, address to the SDM-GROUP company. You will be pleasantly pleased by quality of our mechanisms and the favorable prices of them.

Reducers for drives of the elevator Chg-80, ChG-125, Chg-160, RGSL-160, Drives of movement of PK-6,3 cranes imnogy other.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Gear ratio:1-10000
Designation:For elevators
Information is up-to-date: 13.07.2020
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